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Guides - Game Cheats


by Kalathalan

All of these cheats are legal and you won't get frozen if you use them!

All Flash Games - Click and hold the minimize button on the top of your window to pause the game
Attack of the Slorgs - Type 'marrow' on the screen that tells you to press Space.
Carnival of Terror- Type 'custard' in-game to gain an extra life.
Castle of Eliv Thade- Type 'rehaxtint' in-game to get one extra letter hint.
Destruct-o-Match II- Type 'boohooiwanttheoldgameback' on the mode select screen to play the old Destruct-o-Match.
Dice Escape

  1. Type 'moretimeruki' to gain more time.
  2. Type 'helpmeplease' to gain more time.
  3. Easter Egg! Type 'topdown' to switch your view to a top-down view.
  4. Easter Egg! Type 'flybywire' to make the tiles appear as wire frames.
Dubloon Disaster - Type 'scallywags' to make a whirlpool appear.
Faerie Bubbles
  1. Type 'stardust' to change your current bubble to a Nova bubble.
  2. Type 'faerieland' to change your current bubble to a Rainbow bubble.
  3. Type 'bubbles' to make all the bubbles on-screen the same color as your next bubble.
  4. Type 'slumberberry' to remove the bubble pusher-downer.
  1. Type 'frumball' to gain an extra life.
  2. Type 'kougra' to skip your current level - however, your point count will be reset.
Gourmet Club Bowls
  1. Type 'shepherd' to gain 2 times the points (automatically starts the game).
  2. Type 'superbowls' to skip to the next level.
Grand Theft Ummagine - Type 'ummaginethief' to skip your current level - however, your point count will be reset.
Hasee Bounce - Type 'Doughnutfruit' to reset your timer.
Ice Cream Machine - Type 'strawberryvanillachocolate' to receive one free life. Jelly Blobs of Doom (which doesn't exist)
  1. Type 'marissa' on the screen that tells you to press Space to trigger something odd and get a bunch of small jellies while playing.
  2. Type 'fishnegg' to make a Fish Negg appear on screen.
  3. Type 'rainbownegg' to make a Rainbow Negg appear on screen.
  4. Easter Egg! - Type anything in-game and see for yourself what happens.
Korbats Lab - Type 'spiderbite' to gain an extra life.
Kreludan Mining Corp. - Type 'kreludor' to gain an extra life.
Meepit Juice Break
  1. Type 'meepits' to gain an extra life.
  2. Type 'juice-o-matic' to reset your timer.
Meerca Chase II - Type 'superextrahypergravitymode' on the main title screen to unlock the secret "gravity" level with increased negg point values.
Meriball - Type 'kougra' to skip a level (your points will, however, be reset).
Moon Rock Rampage
  1. Type 'superlaser' to gain a double laser range (this cheat can only be used once per game, and resets at the end of a level).
  2. Type 'novisitors' to get an extra 30 seconds on the timer (this cheat only works once per game).

Mootix Drop
For all: go to the Mission Drop screen, and press up, down, right, left (in that order). Icons should appear at the bottom corner of the screen. Press these combinations of icons to get the following results:
  1. Babaa, mootix, spyder -- get a giant mootix.
  2. Babaa, target, spyder -- get a heavy mootix, and start with 5 points.
  3. Target, mootix, babaa -- get a, invisible mootix, and start with 5 points.
  4. Mootix, target, mootix -- get a small mootix.
  5. Target, target, spyder -- start with 8 points and in the secret spyder level.
  6. Spyder, target, target -- start with 8888 points and in the secret spyder level. However, you go up instead of down and the level doesn't end.
  7. Spyder, target, mootix -- get a super fast mootix.
  8. Mootix, target, babaa -- get an upside-down screen and start with 10 points.
Mynci Beach Volleyball
  1. Type 'dirigibles' to make a blimp fly across the screen.
  2. Type 'turdle' to make a Turdle appear on your opponent's side.

Petpetsitter - At any point after clicking the "start game" button, typing in the word 'Oscillabot' will give you an extra life.
Thanks DarkAngel from the forums for telling us.

  1. Type 'buuuurrrrrrrrp' to decrease your bloatness by 50%.
  2. Easter Egg! - Type 'dieter' to multiply your score by 100, although it does not send your score with that multiplier.
Skies Over Meridell - Click the sun on the screen that tells you to select 1 or 2 players to watch 2 computer players play.
Sutek's Tomb
  1. Type 'plzsutekcanihavemoretime' OR 'scarabaeus' to gain 30 seconds.
  2. Type 'pyramibread' to have the game find a move for you.
The Buzzer Game - Right click and left click after you start the timer to change your cursor to an arrow.
Volcano Run - Type 'lava' to gain a shield.
Warf Rescue Team - Type 'trappedkadoaties' to gain an extra life.
Whack-A-Staff-Member -Type 'a5paragu5' to have a bigger mallet.
Zurroball - Easter Egg! - Click the 'N' on the Grundo's suit to use the Grundo as a ball.

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